Mercedez-Benz The Impressive Sedan

Engine parameters Standard engine error correction V-type 6-cylinder / multi-point electronic fuel injection / front longitudinal engine Standard transmission error correction 5-speed manual standard Displacement error correction 3724 cc Number of valves 24 Maximum power error correction 180/5750 KW / Rpm Maximum torque error correction 350 / 3000-4500 / m / rpm Fuel system error correction Electronic fuel injection Theoretical fuel consumption error 13.4 L / 100km Maximum speed error correction 250.0 km / h Acceleration time error correction 7.2 seconds (0-100km / H) Emission standard error correction Europe standard steering / suspension / tire drive mode error correction front drive brake mode disc / disc steering power error correction power steering suspension error correction independent, single-wishbone helix Spring / Stand-alone, Multi-link Coil Spring (Front / Rear) Wheel Size Error Correction Tire Error 255 / 45R17


Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans in the world of consumers have a first-class reputation and strength. And today I want to tell you, on the S-Class sedan must know the advantages. 1. S-class sedan body loaded early warning system can be active before the collision 1.6 seconds to intervene so that the maximum probability of S-class collision reduced. 2. If an unavoidable car accident is imminent, the S-Class will automatically adjust to a safe attitude in a short 120 milliseconds and the seat belt will be instantaneously tightened, and the seat pillow will automatically adapt to Will not let you hurt the location. 3. S-class sedan drivers per minute heart rate than the same level of competition model drivers less about five times, which is a more self-confident performance. Four. S-class sedan body a total of 170 silencer components, the total weight of more than 60 kg, otherwise, how can such a quiet ride to enjoy. 5.S-class sedan reliability can be seen through the ultimate test, the total number of kilometers more than 7 million kilometers, equator 175 circles the equator, excellent quality, who is expected to hold a candle. Six. S-Class sedan body up to 43% of the area have the use of lightweight materials, the perfect realization of the thin India vs Australia

Trademark History

They sent the Samsung logo proposal to the board of the depot and were immediately accepted, officially registered in 1909, and since 1910 began to appear in every Mercedes new car tank cover. It should be noted that Mercedes’s trademark was originally three Mans Star and the four-star two different designs, but also have registered, but only three mansions have been used by the depot on the product. Although DMG has been operating for decades, Mercedes have also become well-known car brands, but until 1909, DMG has never owned a trademark of their own. Daimler died in the old depot is operated by his two sons, Paul Daimler (PaulDaimler) and Adolf Daimler after (AdolfDaimler) took over, they remembered his father worked in 1872-1881, in another The famous German gas turbine engine manufacturer Deutz (Deutz) served as technical director of the period, in a home postcards painted with a three star sign.

Mercedes three-star Mountain symbolizes the DMG factory Chong people for the future of global human motorized hold the vision and ambition, representing three Astral landing on the sea and the sky was intended.

In 1916, the styling of the trademark was modified to include an outer ring painted with the Mercedes brand name and four small stars, which represented several factories owned by the depot at that time.

When in November 1921 DMG formally applied for a three-dimensional design of the Samsung logo this trademark copyright inner ring and, when in August 1923 became a registered trademark.

The complete merger of DMG and Benz & Cie in 1926 led to yet another design modification of the brand, a new combination of DMG’s Samsung and Benz’s crown, and the brand name became Mercedes-Benz coexist. At present, the factory used by the trademark is designed in 1926 gradually simplified after the.

Appearance style

Mercedes-Benz cars in front of the mid-1990s, mainly in the shape of Founder style lines, creating a stylish and elegant style, by business favorite people. For example, the current era of code-named W124 of the E series and code-named W140 of the S series, are very popular in the 1990s of the car, so far the road is still everywhere.

In 1995, code-named W210 new E series medium-sized car published, the integration of classical elements and progressive style front four round lights, smooth body lines, and ultra-low drag coefficient, Mercedes-Benz style appearance has a significant breakthrough, but also When the automotive industry design thinking, have a direct or indirect impact. W210E-Class and General Motors 1994 OldsmobileAurora was the world’s most rugged car (body vibration frequency of 25Hz).

In 1998, code-named W220’s new S-series luxury RV was published. Avant-garde ameba headlamps, thin body lines, and triangle wrap tail lights, so a wheelbase of more than three meters and the weight of nearly 2000 kilograms of luxury cars looks like an electric sports car. W220’s birth, to eliminate a lot of the previous generation S-Series (W140) suffered criticism. The visual effect is not as W140 less bulky, through the whole car lightweight construction, but also reduce the actual vehicle weight of about 200 kg.

W220 Mercedes-Benz cars can be seen in the exterior design to establish a sleek, avant-garde style and younger representative works of the route. To avoid the gradual aging of the customer base and affect the follow-up market expansion worries.


Most of the expectations of a modern car can be traced back to Mercedes-Benz. Rather, all of this is from January 29, 1886, the day began. On that day, CarlBenz ( Karl Benz ) has achieved success in patent No. 37435 for his empire developed 0.9-horsepower three-wheeled automobile. Since then, the car was born. In the same year, in Germany, in southwestern Cannstatt, and Benz never met G0ttliebDaimler ( Gottlieb Daimler ) his first test drive three-wheeled car manufactured. The two masters of the invention of the car have one thing in common is that they have the indomitable pioneering spirit. Today, their principles and attitudes are still the driving force behind the development of new Mercedes-Benz sedans. This can be seen in the automotive engineering in all aspects of the numerous innovative inventions. These serial devices are a significant milestone in the company’s history.

1926 Daimler-Benz automobile plant and plant merged to form Daimler – Benz car company. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the main products are cars, wearing dark cars, select vehicles, and buses.

For many people the Mercedes-Benz is the highest visibility, Mercedes-Benz car is equivalent to senior or luxury car synonymous. This is also true because Mercedes-Benz ride comfort is recognized as the world’s first-class. Its price has always been a lot of money; C-class cars have more than 600,000 yuan. Mercedes-Benz is some nation

S-class: large luxury sedan. Model to make the difference between engine and displacement, such as the C200 sedan engine displacement is 1998 ml, C250D sedan engine displacement is 2497 ml, D refers to the diesel engine. There are also sports car series SLK, CLK, SL, CL, multi-purpose envelope car set M and V-class vehicles.

It is no exaggeration to say that Mercedes-Benz cars each one is an incredible story, and the new E-class sedan more embodies the Mercedes-Benz car culture essence.

It was integrated the aesthetics and high-performance of long twin oval headlamps when road conditions make nocturnal clear, smooth lines of the perfect drag coefficient dropped to 0.27, more fuel-efficient than in the vibrant and smart, you can in the face and back Impact force of the wider impact buffer zone safety standards far exceeding the most stringent requirements;

Large front seat double airbags and door side airbags to the maximum protection of passengers;

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the Electronic Tiling Performance Subsidy System (ETS) enhance the vehicle’s handling performance, advanced valve technology to make gasoline burning more complete, significantly improve the dynamic performance.

Once you have nothing to ask the newest member of the Mercedes family is the world’s first production car with an automatic air control system. Its unique “electronic nose” system uses an individual air quality sensor, when the car outside the excessive pollution, the air quality sensor immediately sends a signal to the computer system, automatically shut down the ventilation system in the cycle of the damper. Start active-active biomass carbon filter, their delivery to purify and to keep the air inside fresh and pleasant. Also, the left and right sides independently set air conditioning automatic temperature system is more satisfactory if the car because of the sun exposure to the temperature rise, the sunshine The sensor will automatically start the fan to enhance the cooling effect so that drivers concentrate on driving.

Compact and small SLK

With the global high-end sports car market continues to heat up, Mercedes-Benz timely introduction of the SLK series. Wherein S represents a Sports ( sports ), L is the Lightweight (lightweight); K is the German Kurz, namely English Short (short). Its silver-gray body, shaped like bright eyes like headlights and Grille grid together import about turn signal, short and wide wheelbase constitute SLK unique atmosphere; its appearance gives a very simple and compact visual effects, Body lines are also very deliberately in pursuit of sports car’s smooth and dynamic.

Impeccable internal and external configuration

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Internally and externally SLK roadster with 4-cylinder 2.3 liters large supercharged engine , maximum output of 193 horsepower, 8.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, 0-100 km / h acceleration time of just 6 seconds, top speed of 237 km / h , While the engine is equipped with a variable valve delay device and electronic control magnet work together for the camshaft drive chain to provide a cavity in the hydraulic pressure, which gently turn the camshaft and according to the cam and piston movement to change the valve opening and closing time.

To meet the taste of different owners, SLK is equipped with a 5-speed electronic control automatic transmission device; the device can measure the driver’s agility using the accelerator and according to vehicle speed changes, engine load size, cruise control conditions and engine temperature to determine the speed and countermeasures.

There are folding hardtop SLK models, the global advocacy security climate this is a logical idea, hard collection in the trunk inside, just click the button, the electronic system will put pressure hardtop cover.In short, the new SLK sports car, with a new concept design, excellent appearance, rich content, anyone standing in front of it will be echocardiography.

Galloping battlefield setback

Dignity comes from strength, today’s motor racing surging, Shi Jin Rally, Europe Kam Rally, China Rally …… is the call he should, flames rolling, the first not to mention the Mercedes-Benz’s latest move, the history is enough to prove its strength.

The 20th century, 30 years, with “Silver Arrow,” said the Mercedes-Benz car, then the only car altar, setting some brilliant records.

In 1934, the first real first-class car silver arrow W25 came out, under the driving of Ludi Carraro hit 311.98 km per hour, and become the European Championship.

Retained in 1937 and 1938 champion, the improved W125, even more, divinity: Aweisi battle, Hyman? 261.7 km per hour to win the average speed.

1937 W154 come out and win six times in 1938, winning seven times between 1939, Hyman Lan also won the 1939 European Championship winning. In the same year, he was driving the silver W165 held in Tripoli, Libya, earned the title race.

Memorabilia / Mercedes – Benz

February 1878, Karl Benz in his age of 34, the first successful development of a two-stroke gas engine.

In April 1882, Gottlieb Daimler resigned Otto company duties, and friends to create a car factory.

In 1883 March, Gottlieb Daimler and William Maybach made the world’s first high-speed (600 rev/min) engine patent, then, Gottlieb Daimler in the 1886 Year in the United States to install a four-wheeled carriage from the order, made the world’s first four-wheeled car.

September 1885, Gottlieb Daimler to its single-cylinder engine mounted on a bicycle, made the world’s first motorcycle. In October the same year, Carl Benz designed and manufactured a gasoline engine equipped with the three-wheeled car.

In March 1886, Karl Benz invented the gasoline engine-powered tricycle was granted a patent, at the same time, Gottlieb Daimler also invented his first four-wheel vehicle, the same year he also made Marine engine patents.

July 1889, Gottlieb Daimler car for its first installation on a fourth gear transmission. In June 1890, Daimler Motor Corporation (DMG), Maybach designed the first inline four-cylinder four-stroke engine.

In 1894 July, the world’s first from Paris to Rouen (Rouen) car race, equipped with Daimler engine car victory.In May 1895, the world’s first bus line began operation, the car with Mercedes-Benz and horsepower engine. In 1896 May, Daimler automobile company manufacturing success in the world’s first truck. Gottlieb Daimler made P & L the world’s first four-cylinder engine.

In 1897 August, the world’s first taxi service company in Stuttgart will Daimler-made car as a cab and put into operation.

April 1901, Daimler Motor Company’s first 35-horsepower Mercedes-Benz sports car won the Nice-LaTurbie climbing champion.

In October 1902, Daimler received the “Mercedes” legal right to use, and “Mercedes” as its new trademark.

In December 1903, the first Mercedes-Benz cars equipped with a different type, water-cooled engine and drive shaft of the car Parsifal type car manufacturing success.

In November 1910, Mercedes-Benz developed the first 4-valve engine.

In 1914 March, Mercedes-Benz manufactured the first 12 cylinders 250 horsepower aircraft engine.

On June 29, 1926, Daimler and Mercedes merged to form Daimler-Benz, a company with a strong track record in the history of the automobile. All the cars they produced were named “Mercedes- Mercedes-Benz .” After that, the company adhere to the production of military products for the principle, determined to rely on Deutsche Bank to establish a unified German auto industry Kang Zaien.

August 1934, “Mercedes – Benz” car company built the world’s first bulletproof car 770K, unique car for Hitler limousine, the body is made of 4mm thick steel, windshield 50mm Thick, tires are wire mesh bullet-proof tires, rear seat cushion with bullet-proof steel plate, the floor has been thickened to 4.5mm vehicle weight more than 5 tons, it is equipped with a displacement of 7655ml V8 engine can produce 100kw Of the power, the car produced a total of 17, most of them destroyed in World War II, the remaining three become rare treasures.

April 1936, “Mercedes-Benz” car company for the first time the diesel engine successfully installed in the vehicle, so that the use of car costs significantly reduced.

In 1954, the company in the 300SL car rate on the use of gasoline injection device. Thus becoming a new technology out of the traditional carburetor.

In 1961, the company launched the first air suspension with a car 300se.

September 1969, Daimler – Benz Motor Company has attracted the attention of the world. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the company introduced the c111 generation test car, the car uses a three-rotor Wankel engine, with an astonishing 280 horsepower. A year later, the introduction of the second generation of the c111 car, and the difference is that it uses a rotor with four Wankel engine output 350 horsepower of mighty power, making it a very prominent performance.

Reasons for the Success / Mercedes – Benz

First, the Mercedes durable, Karl Benz benzene Mr. in October 1885 with the invention of the world’s first gas engine powered three-wheeled vehicles on January 19, 1886, was the “German Empire” patent, No. 37435. Shortly after obtaining the license, I do not know what reason was removed, and a few years later was reassembled, and return to working condition. In 1906, Mr. Karl Benz sent it to the German Museum. Until today, when the staff to open all the switches, forced to fly the flywheel, the hundred-year-old real “classic car” will still sing a sweet voice. One morning in August 1888, Mrs. Benzes did not tell Mr. Bates that he had another son, Jurgen (15) and Richard (14) Quietly went to visit her mother. The “trip” trip more than 100 kilometers, the road also appeared a lot of “dangerous.” Nevertheless, the car or the creation of the history of humankind for the first time by car long-distance travel records. Mercedes-Benz cars in the museum, in addition to this car, ” classic cars,” you will see the other 67 cars in different historical periods, as long as necessary, staff can allow them to enter the working state at any time. In the top ten brand-name products in Germany, Mercedes-Benz ranked first in the world’s top ten brand-name products; Mercedes-Benz ranked third. Mercedes-Benz even becomes synonymous with German goods. If you pay attention will find that Benz rarely advertises this, Mercedes-Benz is one explanation:. “Our quality is the best advertising.”

Second, the seat that best illustrate some of the problems. People look at a car, often only pay attention to its appearance, performance, but little attention to its seat. Although this is a less prominent place, the Mercedes-Benz did not let it. Mercedes-Benz car seat fabrics are mostly imported from New Zealand wool textile; its thickness must be controlled between 23 to 25 microns. Beautiful for high-end vehicles, soft and comfortable; thick for mid-range vehicles, durable. Textile, but also in accordance with the needs of the import of silk from China and imports from India, cashmere. As for the fabric used to make leather seats, they inspected the rest of the world, that is the best in the South German region, so specifically set up a supply point. In order to ensure the quality of leather, and even made to the supplier can not let cattle by trauma and health parasites requirements. A 6 square meters of leather also only half, too thin or too thick are not.

Third, to ensure the production of high-quality products, in 1939, Mercedes-Benz established the world’s first automotive safety engineering unit, by the famous “Father of safe” Baren Ni chaired sir. Mr. Ba has invented more than 2,500 security patents in his lifetime, many of which are still the standard of automobile safety. In 1959, Mercedes began to carry out the whole vehicle crash test, using two springs, now fully electronic. Every year about 7,000 times more than the impact of the simulation, more than 100 real car accident, 35 years, a total of more than 4,000 vehicles were smashed, each effect takes about tens of thousands of marks; 1980, Mercedes-Benz S-class cars as the first option In 1984, Mercedes-Benz developed a seat belt sensor for the first time as a standard accessories installed in the Mercedes-Benz cars, this device in the event of an accident, in a fraction of a second automatically clamp security (Commonly known as ESP), when the driver steering angle is not enough, the device can be automatically compensated to avoid vehicle side slip; Mercedes-Benz is the earliest development of the first time, Mercedes-Benz is also the first to launch the steering wheel electronic stabilizer (commonly known as ESP) security invented called “revolutionary” – one wheel anti-lock braking system (commonly referred to as ABS) …… company

in Western eyes, human life is the most precious and crashed his car repair can also Can buy new, and human life only once. It is precise because the whole society reached a consensus. Therefore, only 80 million population has 40 million cars in Germany is not frequent traffic accidents, 7,000 / year mortality compared to 10 million cars in China 50,000 deaths per year, After all, much smaller.

There may also be a set of figures can explain the Mercedes-Benz’s dangerous: every 10 Mercedes-Benz employees in a personal security check; every engine must go through 42 test clearance; in the domestic nearly 2,000 service stations, in foreign countries More than 170 countries and regions with approximately 4,000 repair stations; annual vocational training to maintain the number of about 6,000 people; quality inspection team every two weeks to conduct random checks on the units; each year for the rationalization of staff bonuses up to 1000 ten thousand marks, 100 years ago, Carl Benz Mr. benzene to demonstrate the use of a “gas engine” pull “carriage,” thus creating a human car era; 100 years.

Million gold find fault/Mercedes – Benz

Mercedes-Benz Atlas

Mercedes-Benz 6O0 car ad is: “If you find Mercedes-Benz car broke down, half-way gave out, will receive l million dollars.” This fully reflects the Mercedes-Benz on the company’s commitment to this car? Quality and service quality of the pursuit. If a vehicle accident on the way failures, as long as the people driving near a phone call to the service station, service station will send someone to repair or pull the vehicle not far from the nearby service station to make reparation. Ubiquitous after-sales service, so that Mercedes-Benz owners no trouble the slightest.

CS (one)

In the consumer-centric era of marketing, customer satisfaction (CS) Promotion ascendant. It refers to the needs of customers, from product structure, product quality, sales methods, services, service levels, such as customer service to meet the various needs of customers, so that customers fully satisfied.

General CS are after-sales, and Mercedes-Benz DOCS from the production workshop has already begun. The factory at the end of the car is a piece of the brand, with the customer’s name, vehicle type, style, color, specifications and special requirements. Different colors, different specifications, and even in the car to install what kind of Should Ji, and so different requirements, the Mercedes-Benz companies can give one by one to meet. According to statistics, Mercedes-Benz cars a total of 370O models. Any of the various needs can be fulfilled. Customers to buy Mercedes-Benz car first bought a satisfactory quality.

CS (bis)

Mercedes-Benz’s after-sales service is everywhere so that Mercedes-Benz owners do not have any worries. In Germany itself, the company has more than 1,700 Mercedes-Benz service stations, employing 5.6 million for maintenance and repair work on the road an average of less than 25 km you can find a Mercedes-Benz service stations. Foreign support sites are also many, according to statistics, its cars and commercial vehicles in the world a total of 5,800 service outlets, providing warranty, leasing and credit card services. The number of people engaged in service work at home and abroad and even the number of employees is approximately the same workshop!

Mercedes were traveling 7500 kilometers per general need to change the oil once, going 15,000 km for an overhaul of these services can be done today. From the rapid delivery of parts to the computer to carry out the advisory services, Mercedes-Benz’s service efficiency so that customer satisfaction, rest assured.

Cultivate brand loyalty by Mercedes-Benz model car to the child

Benz company attaches great importance for potential clients. It aims at the future; psychological battle started from the doll. Each to pick up the customer drove away, “Mercedes-Benz” are presented as a child’s toy small Mercedes so that the owners of the next generation can also have a keen interest in Mercedes-Benz, for generations have become Mercedes-Benz Car customers. Such customers Benz crystal brand loyalty it inherited from generation to generation, the Mercedes childhood loves children gradually trained as lifelong favorite Mercedes customers.

Benz small files: Mercedes-Benz’s honor ○ By 1993, the Mercedes-Benz cars in a variety of world car 76 times, 17 times to break the world record ○ 1973, “Mercedes 450SEL619” with its cutting-edge technology, the world’s automobile manufacturing industry selected as the “best car this year,”

job training: quality people is the fundamental guarantee for

Mercedes-Benz has 52 “training centers” in the country, the scope of training includes basic vocational training tactics apprentices, business management training and in-service The technical improvement of workers. Basic professional education by young people perennial maintained at about 6,000 people. In the recruitment of young apprenticeship factory workers to give priority to the selection of children, because these kids from the family by the influence of technology. These young workers generally have nine or ten years of secondary school graduates of the education level. Into the company, but also training 3 to 3 and a half years, after passing the exam to formally participate in the work. The training period requirements are very strict, students must learn how to filter, red furnace forging, foundry hand modeling, welding, heat treatment and open machine tools, particular attention to the cultivation of good practice apprentices, attention to product quality and establish the concept.

The company’s employees and from the foreman to managers and other management personnel on a regular basis in rotation training to ensure that the firm’s business “in the same competition with the world to achieve the best economic results.”

In recent years, the German Benz Group in the Chinese market has put a lot of advertising to compete for Chinese customers; it faces competition in the Japanese market is becoming increasing.